It seems like all we’re hearing about in the UK just now is Brexit. The daily political battling and in-fighting fills up the headlines, but what we all want to know as businesses is “how will this impact me”?

As a lubricant supplier, we have been watching the Brexit situation unfold closely. Many of our high quality lubricants are manufactured in Europe or further afield, and are imported into the UK. Our suppliers have been putting plans in place over the last year or so to ensure that they have product available in the UK during and after the transition, though with the ever-moving date for leaving the EU, those plans are being extended.

Mobil, Shell, Castrol, Fuchs, Petro-Canada, Petronas, Kluber, Quaker and many more lubricant manufacturers who import product into the UK have been working with their distribution networks over the last two years to forecast customer usage and put stock management plans in place.

There is no doubt that the import and export of goods from the UK will be impacted by Brexit, but our customers can be assured that we are working hard with our supply chain to ensure continuity of supply for all of our products. We’re also working closely with our logistics providers to ensure our export capability remains unaffected, so our customers don’t see any change in their level of service and delivery.

The full impact of the UK leaving the EU remains to be seen, if the politicians can ever reach and agreement, but as with other businesses, we’re on the case with making sure our customers get the same level of great service.