An effective asset management programme is an essential part of maximising performance and increasing the availability of your plant and machinery.

Machine Sentry is an all in one solution that integrates a wide range of measurement techniques into a central cloud based database, providing accurate analysis and driving actions that lead to an improvement in the reliability of your plant and machinery.

Some of the key features and benefits of Machine Sentry are:

  • Saves time – automatically detecting a wide range of common fault conditions
  • Saves money – reduces your condition monitoring costs by up to 50%
  • Supported by experts – global support from a team of condition monitoring experts
  • Easily accessible – cloud based solution allows information to be shared across many locations
  • Wide range of applications – suitable for rotating equipment, pipework and structural assets

Our team of experts at Pure Lubrication work closely with our partners at AVT Reliability to deliver Machine Sentry and all its benefits to a broad range of industries.

We can bring this cost-effective solution to you too, working as your trusted advisor to get you started with the most versatile, cost effective condition monitoring system on the market. With ongoing support and advice from our team of experts, Pure Lubrication ensure you see maximum benefit from Machine Sentry at all times.

The Pure Lubrication team would love to talk to you about Machine Sentry and some of the benefits existing customers have experienced.

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