During the month of March, Irene scaled the equivalent height of Ben Nevis by climbing her stairs an amazing 587 times or 8,810 steps in total – a fantastic achievement which at the time of writing had raised £510 for the charity.

Not to be outdone, Simon jumped on board and climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest, climbing his stairs a knee numbing 3,871 times or 58,070 steps in total. Simon raised an incredible £660, with them making a combined total of £1170!

Despite the physical challenge and the monotony of climbing their stairs so many times a day, both Irene and Simon said they actually enjoyed their challenge, knowing they were doing good by helping The Trussell Trust and a bonus was an increase in their own physical fitness after a long and relatively inactive lockdown.

The whole Pure team will be getting involved in various challenges throughout the year and we will keep you posted on developments.

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