Pure Lubrication – The Lubrication Partner with a Conscience

The team at Pure Lubrication (who have already secured the environmentally focussed ISO 14001 accreditation) have always been extremely keen to do their bit as a company and as individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.

Environmental issues are hot topic and rightly so.  We know that we all have a responsibility to make a change and rather than wait any longer, Pure Lubrication are making several commitments now to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment.

As part of our commitment, we are offsetting our carbon emissions covering employees, our main office and our distribution by investing in renewable projects around the world.

Our team aim to adopt best practices to reduce our environmental footprint and help promote a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.

As a team we commit to the following:

  • Fully offset our employee, office, and distribution carbon emissions
  • Maintain and retain our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation
  • Ensure the entire team receive Environmental Awareness training
  • Use electricity from a sustainable source (solar panels) at our main office
  • Promote the use of synthetic lubricants to reduce consumption and energy
  • Work only with suppliers who commit to reducing their own environmental impact
  • Utilise technology (video conferencing) for meetings wherever possible
  • Reduce paper usage by discouraging printing or using double sided printing
  • Take part in at least one community environmental project per year
  • Encourage our team to commit to using natural cleaning products at home
  • Encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas on how to improve current practices
  • Always do our best to reduce pollution, emissions and waste and increase recycling

Pure Lubrication appreciate the importance of acting now to avoid a larger negative impact and we can’t rely on others to steer us away from an environmental crisis.  We all need to do our bit, no matter how small and Pure are committed as a team and individuals to do what we can now to make a difference for the future.

Click here to Check out our Green Charter Page.