Starting an Oil Condition Monitoring Program with Pure is simple


Check to make sure the right test package is selected to give you all the information required to accomplish your goals, making sure the tests are appropriate for all of your equipment and fluid types.  Our Oil Condition Monitoring experts will fully guide you through this process


We will gather relevant information such as contact details, shipping addresses etc.  We will also guide you through completion of a simple spreadsheet to gather information for each piece of equipment. Historical data can be transferred so established trending isn’t lost.


Once you have identified the team members who will be involved in the sampling program, we will help train and educate them.  We will also guide you on the ordering of sample jars and labels and establish a regular timeline to submit samples for each component.


Features of Pure Oil Condition Monitoring

Flexible Solution: Mobile , customisable program to manage your oil analysis data with speed, flexibility and functionality

Innovative Technology: Manage your oil analysis program through online sample submissions,  mobile app, maintenance tracking, data alignment and more

Paperless Label Option: QR code sample labels can replace handwritten labels and reduce errors or misinterpreted sample information, improving accuracy and delivering faste results

Maintenance Tracking: The ability to evaluate maintenance trends by tracking the causes of changes identified in test results

Advanced Consulting: Our team of experts with decades of proven experience are here to guide and support you through every aspect of your Oil Condition Monitoring program

Pure Oil Condition Monitoring – Taking the Fear out of Change

It’s understandable that even when there are obvious benefits, companies are often hesitant to switch oil analysis providers.

Pure Lubrication make the switch easy with personal one on one support and a comprehensive onboarding process.

Common Concerns:


We’ll have to learn a new reporting system.


Learning to view, interpret and act on oil analysis data quickly becomes second nature with Pure Oil Condition Monitoring with our web-based fluid analysis app.

Intuitive and dynamic, it helps equipment managers make informed decisions about asset maintenance through data-driven reports and straight forward recommendations.

Our team will help you become accustomed to any new terminology through training and resources to ensure you get the most out of your oil analysis results.


How do we get our team to engage with a new provider?


Achieving success is all about building productive partnerships.  Right from the start, Pure Lubrication will work closely with you, helping to create a positive relationship that will take your oil analysis program to the next level.

Is there reluctance among team members to fully support an oil analysis program?  We can help guide, train and support your team to fully appreciate the benefits of high quality, reliable testing and analysis and we will help to build a culture of confidence in your personalised program that everyone involved can stand behind.


What about the test kits I’ve already purchased from my current provider?


We’ll work with you to utilise your current kits.  We will develop a cost-effective migration strategy to use the kits you’ve already purchased.

What’s more, the Pure team are committed to making the transition seamless for your maintenance team.  We will provide training to help them implement testing kits and pull samples correctly to ensure accurate and relevant recommendations.


How will I transfer my history?


Our team will work with the lab to ensure your historical data is not only transferred but is “cleaned up” and improved to deliver more value.

In addition to correcting any inaccuracies with equipment information, ID numbers etc, we’ll verify the accuracy of documented product name and oil grade combinations.

Accurate information is critical to receiving reliable and timely recommendations when your samples are tested and analysed.

The Pure Difference

To help our customers gain immediate value from their oil analysis program, we believe a seamless transition should be accurate, reliable and timely.

From helping you choose the best testing options and test packages to setting up your account and submitting your equipment list, our team are here to guide you through and our FREE ADVICE service will ensure no question is left unanswered.

Contact us today to find out more:

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