Passenger Vehicle Lubricants, Oils & Greases

automotive lubricantsWith improvements and changes in engine technology, the world of passenger vehicle lubricants is changing all the time. Choosing the right automotive lubricants for your vehicles goes a long way to improving fuel efficiency by reducing engine friction, preventing the build up of contaminants and protecting your passenger vehicle equipment from wear and tear.

At Pure Lubrication, not only do we supply a wide range of market leading passenger vehicle lubricants for all automotive needs, we also offer expert advice to help you select the right oil to maximise performance and extend engine life.

Why Choose Pure Lubrication?

  • We offer a wide range of premium quality passenger vehicle lubricants and ancillary products such as antifreeze and screenwash.
  • We help you select the best passenger vehicle lubricant for your specific vehicle.
  • Our team of experts has over 200 combined years in automotive lubrication supply and consultancy.
  • Our reputation for first-class services is known across the UK and beyond.

Passenger Vehicle Lubricant Application

Whether you are involved in running a commercial passenger vehicle business, work in vehicle maintenance or just enjoy tinkering with cars and motorcycles, we have a range of automotive lubricants to suit your needs no matter what passenger vehicle lubricant you require. We provide automotive oils, lubricants and greases for all of the following:

  • Passenger cars and vans
  • Heavy duty vehicles such as buses, large trucks and transport vehicles
  • Motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes
  • Agricultural and construction vehicles

Pure Lubrication as a company is an impartial supplier of passenger vehicle lubricants, offering advice and helping our customers choose the best vehicle lubrication product for what they require. Our wide range of available automotive lubricant products offers solutions for most passenger vehicles and their components, including:

  • Premium quality engine oils
  • Transmission fluids
  • Brake fluids & greases
  • Gearbox oils & greases
  • Clutch fluids
  • Power steering fluids
  • 2 stroke oils
  • 4 stroke oils

Along with the passenger vehicle lubricants we can provide solutions for workshops, vehicle fleets, retail and service stations to ensure your operations run at maximum efficiency. We also offer technical advice on all passenger vehicle lubricants from our experienced team, no matter your requirements.

Our Range of Automotive Lubricants

As well as offering our own range of Pure high quality passenger vehicle lubricants, oils, greases and fluids we also supply a range of specialist passenger vehicle lubricants from leading brands to ensure you get the right automotive lubricant that you require for your vehicles.

Our range includes Mobil 1, Shell Helix, Castrol EDGE, Exol Optima, Fuchs Titan, Petro-Canada Supreme and more.

Contact the team for more information about our range of lubricants and services.