Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

We know that whether you are operating a fleet of trucks and vans on the road, or heavy-duty equipment and plant, your commercial vehicles are essential to the success of your business. Keeping a fleet of vehicles running requires a lot of on-going maintenance. With improvements and changes in engine technology, the world of commercial vehicle lubricants is always evolving.

Engines and moving parts can last significantly longer by using the right heavy duty lubricants to prevent build up of contaminants and reduce engine friction, protecting your engines and equipment for longer. Selecting the correct lubricants for your commercial vehicles and heavy duty equipment goes a long way to reducing operating costs, lowering maintenance costs and improving fuel economy.

At Pure Lubrication, not only do we supply a wide range of market leading heavy duty lubricants for all commercial vehicle equipment needs, we also offer expert advice and management for vehicle lubricant storage on a commercial level, oil analysis to check for vehicle lubricant degradation and contamination, as well as solutions to manage possible commercial vehicle oil and grease spillage.

We know that whether you are operating a fleet of trucks and vans on the road, or heavy-duty equipment and plant, your vehicles are essential to the success of your business. With a wide range of high quality heavy-duty lubricants, we will keep your fleet moving.  Our portfolio focuses on extending engine and equipment life, increasing oil-change intervals and improving fuel economy, all of which help improve your bottom line.

Why Choose Pure Lubrication?

  • We offer a wide range of high quality commercial vehicle and heavy duty equipment lubricants.
  • We help you select the best lubricant, grease, fluid for your specific vehicles and equipment.
  • We offer a range of commercial vehicle lubricant management services to ensure efficiency and proactive maintenance, including oil condition monitoring.
  • Our team of experts has over 200 combined years in commercial vehicle and heavy duty equipment lubrication supply and consultancy.
  • Our reputation for first-class service is known across the UK and beyond.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricant Application

From running a single vehicle to operating an entire fleet of vehicles, Pure Lubrication has the commercial vehicle lubrication solution for your business. We have a range of vehicle oils, lubricants, greases and fluids for all commercial industries, whether it’s on highway (e.g. bus, coach or haulage industry) or off highway (e.g. heavy duty equipment).

Pure Lubrication as a company is an impartial supplier of automotive lubricants, offering advice and helping our customers choose the best lubricant for your application. Our wide range of available automotive lubricant products offers solutions for all vehicles and their components, including:

  • High quality engine oils
  • Transmission oils & fluids
  • Brake fluids & greases
  • High quality lubricants for the full drive train
  • Axle greases

We also offer technical advice on all commercial vehicle lubricants as well as full drivetrain solutions supported by oil analysis and our technical expertise from our experienced team, no matter your requirements.

Our Range of Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

As well as offering our own range of Pure high quality automotive lubricants, oils, greases and fluids we also supply a range of specialist automotive lubricants from a variety of specialist companies to ensure you get the right automotive lubricant that you require for your vehicles.

Our range includes Mobil Delvac, Shell Rimula, Castrol Vecton, Fuchs Titan, Petro-Canada Duron and more. Offering such a wide choice of product means our customers can balance their selection between cost, suitability and other criteria.