Condition Based Monitoring

A robust proactive maintenance plan is key to preventing equipment failures and unscheduled downtime. Our condition based monitoring is designed to help you identify issues in your equipment before they lead to problems. With our team of experts on-hand to interpret results and provide solutions, we work with you to improve your maintenance planning and increase your efficiency.

Oil Condition Monitoring

Our oil condition monitoring program is designed to generate operational and financial savings for you. By detecting lubricant degradation, contaminants and potential plant failure early, you can avoid equipment downtime and lost production. Your samples are analysed by an accredited laboratory within 24 hours of them arriving. After your first few samples have been processed, our system will establish control levels and our experts will work with you to interpret your results and implement a pro-active maintenance regime.

  • Oil analysis by an accredited laboratory
  • Interpretation and technical support from our team of experts
  • Improve proactive maintenance planning

Contact the team to discuss oil condition monitoring tailored to your needs.

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Thermography helps us identify potential problem hotspots in your equipment, but also helps us to recommend the correct products for high temperature applications.

  • Identify hotspots and potential equipment failures
  • Work with our experts to improve equipment health
  • Select the right lubricants for high temperature applications
Vibration Analysis

Abnormal vibration can be caused by a number of things including misalignment, defective bearings or gear damage.  It’s important to identify the root cause of any abnormal vibration to ensure long-term damage doesn’t occur in your equipment. We offer state of the art vibration analysis which can not only be used to identify problems, but also to set acceptable vibration levels for new equipment.

  • Identify issues before problems arise
  • Set acceptable levels for vibration in new rotating equipment
  • Get expert advice from our experienced team

To discuss how our condition based monitoring program could help your business, contact our team of experts.