Lubrication Equipment


When it comes to lubrication management it’s important to be as efficient as possible when applying lubricants to your machinery and tools.  Our team of experts offer advice and assistance to offer equipment solutions to help with this and ensure you select the right piece of equipment for your specific application.

Pure Lubrication can supply all lubricant related equipment, anything from a grease gun to a bespoke Lustor storage & dispensing system to ensure you can manage lubrication on site in a clean, efficient and safe way.


Examples of equipment solutions Pure Lubrication offer are:

Oil transfer with OilSafe
  • Robust containers in 5 sizes
  • Colour-coded lids in 5 styles
  • Dispensing pumps
Oil Storage
  • Indoor racking
  • Bunded cabinets
  • Various sizes bunded drum & IBC storage containers
Spill Control
  • Oil spill kits
  • Forklift grab bags
  • Containment booms
Oil Filtration
  • Inline filtration solutions
  • Offline filtration solutions
  • Filter insert replacement & spares
Spill Containment
  • Drip trays
  • Bunded pallets (drums & IBC)
  • Bunded flooring
Automatic Lubrication Equipment
  • Pure can offer a site survey to recommend ‘off the shelf’ equipment or a bespoke system manufactured and fitted for your specific needs
  • Single point automatic lubricators
  • Centralized automatic lubrication systems
Pure Visual Lubrication
  • Colour-coded cow tags pre-printed with lubricant name
  • Colour-coded Oil Safe storage & dispensing equipment
  • A wide range of sight glasses
  • Dessicant breathers
  • QR codes linked to Pure Machine Sentry lubrication scheduling system
  • Lubricant oil store colour-coded for easy lubricant selection


Metal Working Equipment
  • PH papers, refractometer and dipslide test kits
  • Belt skimmers
  • Disc skimmers
  • Dosing pump
  • Wet & dry vacuum