Pure's Charity of the Year

Each year, the Pure Lubrication team selects a worthwhile charity to support throughout the year. The charities we support are important to us in many ways, and we always try to help as much as we can.

2024 Chosen Charity of the Year:

Trees for Life

About Trees for Life

Trees for Life is a registered charity working to rewild the Scottish Highlands. The Caledonian Forest once covered a large area of the Highlands of Scotland as extensive stands of majestic Scots pine, interspersed with birch, rowan, juniper and aspen trees, but is now reduced to about 2% of its former extent

Pure Lubrication Partners with Trees for Life to Make a Positive Impact on the Planet


Pure Lubrication is excited to announce our partnership with Trees for Life, an ambitious charity on a mission to restore the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in Pure Lubrication’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, aligning with our overarching goal of contributing positively to the planet.

A Shared Vision for Conservation: As a company deeply rooted in the principles of environmental sustainability, Pure Lubrication is proud to join forces with Trees for Life in their rewilding project. The Caledonian Forest, a precious ecosystem in the Scottish Highlands, has suffered from centuries of deforestation. Trees for Life’s mission to restore and conserve this unique habitat perfectly aligns with our own values and aspirations.

The Net Zero Connection: At Pure Lubrication, we recognise the urgent need for businesses to take a proactive stance in addressing climate change. Our partnership with Trees for Life is not only an expression of our commitment to environmental sustainability but also a crucial element of our Net Zero mission. By supporting Trees for Life’s rewilding efforts, we are contributing directly to the restoration of natural ecosystems, which play a vital role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Making a Difference for Nature and People: Trees for Life’s rewilding project goes beyond just planting trees; it’s about rejuvenating an entire ecosystem. Through this partnership, Pure Lubrication is not only striving to make a positive impact on the environment but also aiming to create a better world for future generations. Our collective efforts with Trees for Life will foster biodiversity, enhance soil health, and contribute to the overall well-being of the Scottish Highlands and beyond.

Our Commitment in Action: By choosing Trees for Life as our charity of the year, we are actively engaging in a tangible and impactful initiative. Pure Lubrication is dedicated to playing a significant role in nature conservation, and this partnership serves as a testament to our passion for doing good for the planet. Together with Trees for Life, we are taking a step towards a greener, healthier future.

Get Involved: We invite our customers, partners, and stakeholders to join us on this journey. Your support, whether through raising awareness or contributing directly to Trees for Life, will amplify the positive impact we can collectively make on our planet.

Pure Lubrication is committed to fostering sustainability and environmental responsibility, and our partnership with Trees for Life is a testament to that commitment. Together, we can contribute to the restoration of the Caledonian Forest and create a lasting legacy of conservation for generations to come.

For more information call us on 0800 612 3536 or email sales@purelubrication.co.uk and to read more about Trees for Life and the work they do visit: https://treesforlife.org.uk/

Charities we have supported in previous years:


Everyone at Pure were so happy to have raised for a charity that is so dear to many of their hearts. Throughout 2022 and 2023, we had a busy time fundraising; we had race nights, golf days, sponsored runs, coffee mornings and step challenges. 

During 2022 and 2023 we raised £15,000 for Breast Cancer Now and we are so happy we could help this amazing charity over those 2 years!


The Trussell Trust was chosen by the team in 2021, as their chosen charity of the year. Although it was a year of COVID-19, this didn’t stop our team from fundraising for this amazing charity. We collectively raised  £3485!

Simon and Irene took on the challenge to ‘virtually’ climb well-known mountains – Everest and Ben Nevis. Andrew and his son Callum climbed 11 Munro’s on the Cuillin Ridge over 4 days, climbing a combined height of 10,503 metres or 34,459 feet, (Mount Everest is 8,849 metres or 29,032 feet!!).


In 2020, the team decided to support Combat Stress, the UK’s leading mental health charity for veterans. Because Craig, one of our Lubrication Engineers, is an Army Reserve, he was passionate about this charity. Some of the fundraising activities that the team undertook in 2020 was a triathlon, Corryvrekan swim, team squat challenge and Craig’s 50-mile run challenge.

Gallery of Pure’s Fundraising Activities