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Lubricants – Pure supply premium quality branded industrial, marine, automotive and aviation lubricants across the whole of the UK and beyond

Services – Pure offer a range of tailored lubrication services to maximise reliability and productivity, increase health and safety and reduce costs

Solutions – Pure provide lubrication solutions, using decades of expertise to identify and implement effective solutions for even the toughest challenges


Lubrication Management by Pure

Our award-winning lubrication management program is the combination of a number of elements, any of which can be selected to meet your specific requirements. This gives you the flexibility to choose the services that you need, tailored to your specific business.

Our program is designed to improve your lubrication strategy, reduce your risks and increase your efficiency.

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Industrial Lubricants

From gear, engine, hydraulic, compressor and turbine oils to food approved products, heat transfer fluids, cutting fluids and speciality greases, we have the full range of products for your plant.

Marine Lubricants

If your business needs to improve environmental awareness and impact, we can advise on the best lubricants to help you achieve this.

Passenger Vehicle Lubricants

With improvements and changes in engine technology, the world of passenger vehicle lubricants is changing all the time. Let us take the confusion out of selecting the right lubricants for your business.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

With a wide range of high quality heavy-duty lubricants, we will keep your fleet moving.

Aviation Lubricants

We understand the specialist requirements of the aviation sector, and work with a number of the best aviation lubricant manufacturers.

Condition based monitoring

A robust proactive maintenance plan is key to preventing equipment failures and unscheduled downtime.

Lubrication Scheduling

Our lubrication scheduling software enables lubrication duties to be co-ordinated and carried out on a regular and consistent basis, ensuring maximum equipment reliability.

Oil Condition Monitoring

Our oil condition monitoring program is designed to generate operational and financial savings for you.

Lubrication Management

Our program is designed to improve your lubrication strategy, reduce your risks and increase your efficiency.