HSSE Advice for the Lubrication Industry

Pure are ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) accredited and we use our expertise in these areas to support customers with their own HSSE targets, helping them overcome challenges and maximise opportunities.

Risk Assessments

The team at Pure work closely with customers to generate lubrication and lubrication associated risk assessments and standard operation procedures.  We can provide help and advice on this via our risk assessment trained team and tailor these to your specific requirements.

Good Housekeeping

Cleanliness and tidiness go hand in hand with good safe working practices.  Pure have a commitment to safety that aims to highlight and remove all unsafe conditions.  We provide advice and on-site support to help ensure your company is operating in the safest possible environment.


The protection of our environment is of increasing concern globally and Pure shares this concern.  Through our ISO 14001 accreditation, our team have the knowledge and expertise to support your business with its environmental impact through effective lubricant choice, usage and disposal.


Oil spillages happen but it’s essential to adopt best practices that reduce the risk.  Our team can guide you on this as well as offering advice on spill control equipment and how to meet latest legislation when it comes to managing and recording spillages.

To speak to one of our team about any lubrication related HSSE matters, call us on 0800 612 3536 or Contact us here