Eastman Aviation Solutions

Pure Lubrication offer a range of class leading turbine oils to the market, including Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 and Eastman Turbo Oil 2197, as well as being able to provide full technical support and customer service from our highly experienced team.

Eastman Turbo Oils

We can supply new and existing Pure Lubrication customers with a range of highly trusted, proven solutions for ground based applications (aero-derived gas turbines), including:

  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2380
  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2197
  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2389

World Class Service at a Local Level

Our team of friendly experts with over 200 years of lubrication experience are here to help you.  We would love to talk to you about Eastman products and how careful selection of the right product for the right application can deliver solutions that help you achieve maximum productivity.

Who are Eastman Aviation Solutions?

Eastman Aviation Solutions brings together Eastman Turbo Oils, Skydrol® aviation hydraulic fluids, and SkyKleen® aviation solvents to provide industry-leading products, technical resources, dedicated support, and improved service to the market. With over 100 years of experience, our global team of experts builds strong relationships with our distributor partners like Pure Lubrication to help understand their customer’s specific needs, enabling them to seek out innovative and flexible solutions to meet exacting requirements.

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To find out more about the products and services available to you through Pure Lubrication and Eastman Aviation, please get in touch.

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