Marine Lubricants, Oils and Greases

Marine LubricantsFrom fishing boats to ocean-going liners, healthy equipment is key to any marine operator. Important to ensuring healthy marine equipment, is selecting the best lubricant, oil or grease for the situation.

At Pure Lubrication, not only do we supply a wide range of market leading marine lubricants for all needs, we also offer a range of management services to help you ensure best quality storage, efficient scheduling and pro-active monitoring to identify lubricant degradation, contamination and avoid potential marine equipment failure.

Why Choose Pure Lubrication?

  • We offer a wide range of high quality marine lubricants, including an environmentally aware range.
  • We help you select the best lubricant, grease, oil or fluid for your specific needs.
  • We offer a range of lubricant management services to ensure efficiency and proactive maintenance, including monitoring and scheduling.
  • Our team of experts has over 200 combined years in marine lubrication supply and consultancy.
  • Our reputation for first-class services is known across the UK and beyond.

Marine Lubricant Application

As an impartial marine lubricant supplier partner, advising on selecting the best product for the specific customer application, our wide range of oils and greases offer solutions for all marine equipment applications and include:

  • Engine / Cylinder oils and lubricants
  • Bearing System and Circulation System lubricants
  • Air Compressor, Gas Compressor and Refrigeration Compressor lubricants
  • Hydraulic System lubricants
  • Transmission & Turbine lubricants
  • Gear System & Gear Box lubricants

Our Range of Marine Lubricants

Pure Lubrication will provide you with premium lubricants and greases to offer the best product for your application and meet your specific requirements. Whether it be specialist Mobil marine lubricants or Shell marine lubricants, our wide range includes:

  • Mobilgard 312
  • Mobilgard 412
  • Mobilgard ADL 40
  • Mobilgard M420
  • Mobilgard M430
  • Mobil Delvac MX 15w40
  • Shell Gadinia S30
  • Shell Gadinia S40
  • Shell Gadinia AL 30
  • Shell Gadinia AL 40
  • Shell Rimula R3 X 15w40
  • Shell Rimula R4 X 15w40
  • Shell Sirius X 40

Whatever the requirement and solution, Pure will ensure your lubricants are delivered quickly to any location around the UK and beyond.

Offering such a wide choice of products means our customers can balance their selection between cost, suitability and other crucial criteria

Contact the team to discuss the best solution for your business.

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