Quaker Houghton Industrial Process Fluids, from Pure Lubrication

Pure Lubrication is the exclusive partner and supplier of Quaker Houghton products in Scotland. This allows us to bring world leading Quaker Houghton industrial process fluids to customers across Scotland along with all the benefits of a local service.

Partnering with Quaker Houghton enables Pure to offer a wide variety of high-performing, innovative and sustainable industrial process fluid solutions including:


  • Metal Forming Fluids
  • Metal and Surface Finishing Fluids
  • Metal Removal Fluids
  • Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricants
  • Heat Treatment Fluids
  • Metal Protection Fluids
  • Metal Cleaning Fluids
  • Ancillary Products and Services

Quaker Houghton Ranges and Products

Offering a fantastic range of best-in-class technology process fluids, Quaker Houghton products provide reliable and cost-effective solutions, leading the way in a wide range of industries including:

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Key ranges supplied by Pure Lubrication are:

  • Hocut
  • Adrana
  • Sitala
  • Houghto-Grind
  • Metalina
  • Cut-Max
  • Houghto-Quench
  • Aqua-Quench
  • Houghto-Clean
  • Rust Veto
  • Ensis
  • Houghto-Drive
  • Sta-Put
  • Houghto-Safe
  • Quintolubric

Key products Pure Lubrication supply are:

  • Hocut 4260
  • Hocut 4940
  • Hocut 795 B-eu
  • Adrana D208 FF
  • Sitala D201.03 FF
  • Metalina D299
  • Cut-Max 402 M12
  • Houghto-Quench C105
  • Aqua-Quench 26
  • Houghto-Clean 137
  • Rust Veto 221D
  • Ensis DW2462
  • Houghto-Drive HM32
  • Sta-Put G68
  • Houghto-Safe 620E
  • Quintolubric 888-46

World Class Service at a Local Level

Our team of friendly experts with over 200 years of lubrication experience are here to help you.  We would love to talk to you about Quaker Houghton and how careful selection of the right product for the right application can deliver solutions that help you achieve maximum productivity.

Who are Quaker Houghton?

Quaker Houghton, the result of a merger of Quaker Chemical Corporation and Houghton International, is the global leader in industrial process fluids. With a robust presence around the world, including operations in over 25 countries, their customers include thousands of the world’s most advanced and specialised steels, aluminium, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining and metalworking companies. Their high-performing, innovative and sustainable solutions are backed by best-in-class technology, deep process knowledge and customised services.

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To find out more about the products and services available to you through the partnership between Pure Lubrication and Quaker Houghton, please get in touch.

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