Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils are premium high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils that deliver increased productivity through extended oil life and reduced deposit formation, even under arduous operating conditions.

In industry, one of the main aims is running an efficient and reliable operation. It’s important that you can put faith in your lubricants to achieve lower maintenance costs and reduce maintenance. Hydraulic oil selection plays a significant role in this and using the right oil can avoid breakdowns and help to reduce unscheduled downtime. That is where Mobil DTE 20 Ultra series oils come in to their own, helping you to achieve this effectively and efficiently.

The key benefits of using Mobil DTE 20 Ultra oils are:

  • Excellent deposit control for longer oil life
  • Superior wear protection to extend component life
  • Performance that exceeds industry standards

Meeting the stringent requirements of hydraulic systems, pumps and hydraulic system components, Mobil DTE 20 Ultra oils protect through “keep clean performance” and provide a number of key features and benefits:

Outstanding Keep Clean Performance

Reduced system deposits and sludge to help protect equipment and extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs and improve total system performance.

Enhanced Anti-wear Performance

Meets or exceeds major pump manufacturer requirements, helps extend component life.

Exceptional Thermal and Oxidation Stability

Helps reduce maintenance downtime and costs by contributing to system cleanliness and deposit reduction even under harsh operating conditions and high power density.

Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Helps ensure protection with a wide variety of component metallurgy.

Controlled Demulsibility

Protects systems from small and large quantities of water and helps extending filter life.

Quality Reserve

Maintains performance features even under severe service conditions and extended drain intervals.

With a long list of approvals and meeting or exceeding numerous industry standards, the Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils are available in 20 litre, 208 litre, 1000 litre IBCs and bulk.

There are six viscosity options ranging from ISO VG 10 right up to ISO VG 100.

If you aren’t sure which oil is most suitable for your specific application, the team of lubrication experts at Pure Lubrication are here to help. We can talk you through product selection and ensure you see the benefits from using the best oil for your application.

Purchasing these oils could not be easier and our team provide a fast and efficient service, delivering what you need, where you need it and when you need it.

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